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продава пасищни пилета гледани на открито без гмо без хормони

We produce ecologically clean food

Our small family farm does pasture raising of broilers. We gather experience and ideas from the American farmer and supporter of raising chickens outdoors, without antibiotics, GMOs, hormones and soy - Joel Salatin. We use oregano, garlic and apple vinegar in addition to special herb enzymes and probiotics, added to the feed and water for the chickens. They grow up under the sun, breathing fresh air and walking on grass, in houses that have no floors. This way they are both protected and outdoors! The houses are relocated to clean grass daily! That way the development of bacteria is interrupted and the chickens are always at a clean place.

The most important parts of their meals are the bugs, the grasshoppers and most importantly the chlorophyll from the grass, the herbs and the flowers on the pasture lands.

Polyanka Farm is located 25 km away from Sofia, at 817 metres above sea level in an ecologically clean mountainous region, surrounded by 5 mountains. People around here also do: beekeeping, goat breeding and sheep breeding.
The relatively small distance to Sofia enables us to do regular shipping.

How did it all start?

The idea was formed logically and together with the increasing global demand for food clean of hormones, GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics. In other words - the demand for normal, non-poisonous food. First for our own needs, after that for family and friends. We also do this for all the people who realise that quality is what matters the most. Not quantity! People who value health!
Our observations show that there's a huge demand from everyone, especially from young families with kids, but also by people who value the clean food and prefer to support the local Bulgarian producers.

Thank you to all who support this!

2 thoughts on “За нас”

  1. Людмила Младенова

    Чудесна идея, за вас научих от Милена Ханджиева. Бих искала да поръчам от вашите продукти. Радвам се че има хора, като вас.
    Желая успех в начинанието и на всички мои контакти ще препратя вашия сайт.
    Людмила Младенова

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